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Drop by [community profile] knb_kink and start leaving us some prompts!
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Now open! (for both manga and anime)
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Porn Battle XIII - Lucky Thirteen: (
Prompts: Sunday 29th January - Thursday 2nd February 2012
Battle: Sunday 5th - 19:00 UK time Monday 13th February 2012

A Porn Battle, basically, is a challenge in which authors, artists, vidders and song-writers produce erotic fan works and post them in the comments of a Porn Battle post (initially on Livejournal, more recently on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal) for all to enjoy. It lasts just over a week, there are always thousands of prompts to work from, and it's a lot of fun!
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Come join the first ever Grey's Anatomy/RPF Kink Meme hosted on Dreamwidth!

Prompts open until 11:00 pm EST Thursday 01/12/12. Posting begins at midnight Friday morning and runs until 11:59 pm Friday 01/20/12.
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Born from this thread in [info]fandomsecrets, [ profile] insurancekink is here for you.

Insurance mascots, spokescharacters, and other commercial personas!

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For those new here or don't know, you can find this comm on both and If you're interested in making a DW journal and need a code, you can get them at

Read more... )

Get and post your (Ao3) codes here
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For those having problems with LJ or looking for other places to crosspost your fic, you can find codes at the following.... (Ao3)
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Just a kink meme for Xiaolin Showdown. There's already a few prompts ready too. So jump on in :)
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The new game has had me lusting ever since its release..

Mortal Kombat kink meme - [ profile] mkkink
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Let's make the fandom more alive, shall we?
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Kink meme for Looney Tunes and other Looney tunes canons right here...

[ profile] looneykink
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The [ profile] redwall_ficmeme is available for anyone who wants it.
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 there is now a kink meme for the horror movie dead space over at


<lj user="deadkink">

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This is a kink meme for Valkyria Chronicles! If you're interested in Valkyria Chronicles, pass it around to other comms and people too so word spreads.
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I'm here to let you know that Yahoo, who owns Delicious is shutting down the site. I recommend you export your bookmarks ( and either import them to your browser or another site. Save the file to desktop, downloads or wherever you can find it. Then go to Click delicous. Now mind you, I clicked import via file and via API like an hour ago and am still waiting. Maybe it's due to the influx of people to the site due to the freak out. I don't know when the shut down will take place. No one knows right now.

Some I've seen so far

> > > (free)
> > > ($7)
> > > (free)

> > > Spread the word

Here's the article -
yea I read ontd, so what
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