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Aiming to compile list of ALL kinkmemes on Dreamwidth ONLY. Please share and link this journal around as a multifandom resource.
Also includes non-fandom kinkmemes.

If you know of one that is not on this list, please leave a comment and it will be added as soon as possible.
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Community: [community profile] nanbaka_kink 

Community Description:
This kink meme is for the series Nanbaka - The Numbers. All ships and all kinks are welcome. So come and post your filth and fluff about Nanba Prison's favorite guards and inmates!
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[community profile] kinkyronpa

Community Description:
This kink meme is for the Danganronpa Series, including DR1, SDR2, DR3, Ultra Despair Girls, Killer Killer, and anything else currently released for the DR franchise. All ships and all kinks are welcome. So come and post your filth and fluff about your favorite Hope's Peak alumni!
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A kink meme for the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. Prompts from all series are welcome here.
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Because the original kink meme is no longer updating. Rules are on profile, also has a space for those looking for someone to rp with.
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Labyrinth Kink Meme banner
Community: [community profile] labyrinthkink

Description: This is a kink meme for The Labyrinth (1986). You can come leave prompts and fill prompts here.

Prompt Post 1 | Tumblr | FAQ | Mod Contact | Discussion
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Link: [community profile] jakink

Community: Jupiter Ascending Kink Meme

Community Description: Dog loving space queens. Rollerblading winged warriors. Sad were-bees. Come write porn about them.
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GET READY FOR WRIGHT-A-THON 2014 on [community profile] pw_kink_meme!


Fic, art, graphics, videos, or anything else you can think of. Kink, gen, femslash, het, slash all welcome.

Dates to be announced, but the last Wright-a-thon was 24-31 December. For more details from last year's click here.

Also see [community profile] anon_press, the Phoenix Wright kink meme's daily newsletter.
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Community Description: Ever wanted to pair your favorite deities with your favorite television characters? Want to see what your favorite heroes will do in a different time period? Just want to pair every mythical figure with every other mythical figure? Do you believe that Hekate and Medea belong together forever and ever *cough*likeme*cough*? Then [community profile] mythology_kink is the place for you! All fanworks welcome!

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[community profile] superhighschoollevelsmut

For the Dangan Ronpa fandom! We have both a kink meme post and a general anon discussion post, so if you're interested in either stop by and check it out!
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Born from this thread in [info]fandomsecrets, [livejournal.com profile] insurancekink is here for you.

Insurance mascots, spokescharacters, and other commercial personas!

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For those having problems with LJ or looking for other places to crosspost your fic, you can find codes at the following....

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