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Master or Slave?

Supernatural or Human?

The creatures of the Earth have always been separated into two distinct categories, the Supernatural, and humans, otherwise known as the Children of Eden. Supernaturals are comprised of the superior races; werewolves, vampires, and witches. Humans are considered weak. This, of course, meant that they needed to be protected from themselves, and the best way to protect them, was to enslave them. After all, a human couldn’t eat the apple of sin, if their hands were bound.

This is the story of Crescent Hills, a town tucked away in the Rocky Mountains, where the Supernatural rule without fear, and their human slaves obey them without question. But times are changing. The rift between the Supernaturals is growing. Werewolves and witches consider vampires to be abominations. Werewolves and vampires think witches are too human. Vampires and witches think werewolves have no control. Human slaves are witness to it all, and some have decided to use it to their advantage. It has always felt like the Supernatural races and the human race are at war, or at least that the humans have been rebelling against them. The three power houses of the Supernatural have kept them at bay until now, and they believe they are winning the war against the humans.

In another part of the Mountains, camps of renegade humans have developed, making it their goal to disrupt Supernatural society in any way possible. Over the last year, attacks on outlying estates, slave “rescues”, and theft of supplies have skyrocketed. Several camps have been raided, and the humans sold into servitude. Little do the owners know, these slaves aren’t just content to serve. Now they are working from the inside, trying to bring down the great Houses of the Supernaturals. Some ‘born’ slaves have been convinced to turn against their Masters, while others remain loyal. A storm is brewing, and only time will tell which side will be victorious.

Will you give orders or will you submit? Apply as master or slave and enter the world of supernaturals and humans. Original characters are welcome and encouraged. The game starts September 29th. There are no holds on played bys, so get in those applications!

Game will start September 29th. APPLY TODAY.

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